Rebuilding scenarios

We efficiently execute modernizations of existing lines trying to keep down times as low as possible. Modernization of a control system while maintaining control cabinet, electrical consumers or sensors just takes to switch-off the production plant for 2 to 3 days, meaning that it can usually be realized over a weekend. Thus, this results in no one or as maximum one day of actual shutdown of production.

Usually, we execute partial modernizations, extensions of aggregates and devices during ongoing operation. Our control is hot plugging capable with regard to hardware and software. As far as older hardware does not allow this possibility, we will most definitely find a solution to minimize interruption in production.

From the start, HMI 2022 software has been structured so that a complete exchange of operating interface, article management, order management or other control components can be executed without interrupting control circuits of the line. Preparatory works in the control system are executed without completely switching-off the line during ongoing operation.